EPB 2013 Annual Report

EPB is a community-owned company who prioritizes technology-based innovation to help as many people in our community as possible through reliable products and services at the lowest reasonable cost.

For 3 out of the last 4 years I’ve photographed EPB’s annual report. In 2013 I worked with AREA203 to develop the photographic direction for last year’s design. We settled on an approach that gave life to the photography by relying on the user’s scrolling to animate a series of fullscreen time-lapse images. I spent several weeks photographing EPB’s headquarters at dawn and dusk from various sites, following repair crews, and staging the scenes we needed for the report. At each stop, I created a set of stop motion time-lapses and also a variety of still photos. Every photo was toned and delivered in a format ready for the web developers to animate.

(Animations presented here are low-resolution to save bandwidth. Click the link below to see the finished report in full quality.)