This portfolio contains headshots from a variety of client projects. I’ve created headshot portraits of Chattanooga’s mayor and his staff, CEOs and board members of major area businesses, as well as chefs, speakers, and authors. Ultimately the style of your headshot will be determined by its purpose. Corporate headshots require a different approach from editorial, fashion, or modeling headshots.

Many people who inquire about headshot photos are envisioning a head-and-shoulders shot against a solid or patterned background—like a better version of your driver’s license. I can certainly do that if it’s what you really need. But I’ve found that most people are better served with a headshot where your movement, eye line, and background all serve to provide some context for who you are and what you do. This often means it’s better for me to come to your office and set up a time when we can do a dual shoot: I’ll spend part of the time photographing you and your colleagues “in action”, and part of the time setting up a series of more carefully structured and lit headshots, with the office itself serving as the backdrop.