Playcore Outdoor Products

PlayCore is the country’s leading provider of educational play & recreation solutions.

I’ve worked with Playcore several times to create product photography for several of their brands. Each project involved coordinating with the client or design agency regarding products, locations, models, and schedule. For some shoots, the products are massive and immobile—stadium seating, playground equipment, artificial turf. For these shoots, we focus on capturing the product from the best possible angle, and then supplement with lifestyle action shots of models engaging with the product. Other products are movable samples, such as benches, tables, and waste receptacles. For those shoots, we brought the products to the best locations to showcase them.

Due to the tight shooting itineraries, it wasn’t always possible to shoot each piece at the ideal time of day, so most of the shots use supplemental studio lights to accent the subject, correct uncooperative daylight, or simulate other times of day.