This is the work in its final form, after I hand it off to the designers for each project.

I love seeing the finished product. Occaisionally I’ll work from comps, but often I’m simply working from a brief or a brainstorming meeting with the creative team. I’m always excited to see how the designer’s vision and my own intersect. Select examples of this process are included below.

My work has been published in national and regional magazines and publications, both on the cover and in the editorial and advertising pages. It can be found in: Consumer Reports Magazine, CNBC, CityScope Magazine, The Art of the Menu, Popular Mechanics, TasteBuds Magazine, Interior Design.net, Nooga.com, Industrial-Printing.net, a variety of flooring industry trade journals, and in a book highlighting excellence in branding & identity design.

Designs and photos of the finished projects below are property of their respective designers and/or the end client. Some designs below may contain secondary images created by others.